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At AfriTreasure, we are dedicated to showcasing the inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who are making significant impacts in Africa and around the world. Our platform is a beacon for knowledge sharing and fostering potential collaborations among our members. We feature in-depth written interviews with founders of scalable businesses that are shaping the future of entrepreneurship.

Please Note: We are focused on featuring businesses that have a scalable model, are making a substantial impact in their location, and have the potential for or a history of raising funds. We kindly request that small, non-scalable side hustles refrain from submitting to ensure our content remains aligned with our mission.

Interview Categories

1. Diaspora Business


For African founders based globally (e.g., UK, US, Canada, etc.), this category celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of the African diaspora. Share your journey of building a business abroad, the challenges you’ve faced, and the successes you’ve achieved.


  • –  Must be an African founder based outside Africa.
  • –  Business should have a scalable model and potential for growth.
  • –  Preference for businesses with employees and/or have raised funds

2. Homegrown African

This category is for entrepreneurs born and raised in Africa, who are running scalable and growing businesses on the continent. Tell us how you are contributing to the local economy and the impact your business is making in Africa.


  • –  Must be an African-born founder based in Africa.
  • –  Business should be operational and showing signs of growth.
  • –  Preference for businesses that have made a significant local impact.

3. Moved to Africa

For entrepreneurs born and raised abroad but who have moved to Africa to start a thriving business. Share your unique perspective on relocating, the opportunities you’ve discovered, and how your business is flourishing in its new environment.


  • –  Must be a founder who relocated to Africa to start a business.
  • –  Business should demonstrate scalability and growth potential.
  • –  Preference for businesses that are integrating and uplifting local communities.
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