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We are committed to showcasing successful African businesses outside the continent

This interview is for African founders based globally (e.g., UK, US, Canada, etc.), this category celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of the African diaspora. Share your journey of building a business abroad, the challenges you’ve faced, and the successes you’ve achieved.


  • –  Must be an African founder based outside Africa.
  • –  Business should have a scalable model and potential for growth.
  • –  Preference for businesses with employees and/or have raised funds

Please give thorough responses. Your stories are highly valuable, and completion of this form will push your story to a global network of fellow founders and investors.

Diaspora Business Owner Interview

Seize the opportunity to share your entrepreneurial journey with thousands of our engaged readers at AfriTreasure. By participating in our written interview, you’ll not only gain exposure to a vast audience passionate about African business innovation but also position yourself as a thought leader in your field. This is your chance to inspire, connect, and potentially collaborate with like-minded individuals and investors. Your story has the power to motivate others and showcase the vibrant potential of African entrepreneurship. Let your journey be the beacon that guides future innovators and investors to your doorstep.
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