Moved to Africa

Successful Entrepreneurs that have moved to Africa to run their businesses


Anthony Otaigbe – CEO and Founder of Izesan Interview

“If you know all the languages of the world and you don’t know your mother tongue or the language of your culture, that is enslavement. But if you know your mother tongue or the language of your culture, and add all the other languages of the world to it, that is empowerment.” – Ngugi wa Thiongo (Kenyan Author)


Noreen Makosewe – Founder & M.D. of The Radical Leap Group Interview

“Just do it. Sooner rather than later. While you are thinking about it, foreigners are taking the risk and investing. If you delay, by the time you make a move all you will have is the smallest part of whatever is left over.” – Noreen Makosewe (Founder & M.D.of The Radical Leap Group)


Blessing Omoregie – CEO of SEO Africa

“It’s only right that the first repatriation interview is from one of my longest-known friends! I have known Blessing for almost 15 years. God’s light has never stopped shining on her and her family. Her journey is an inspiration, yet still in it’s infancy. Watch her space!” – Joy Isaac, CFA (Founder of AfriTreasure)

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